Our Company

First North is a professional services organization that provides business & data transformation services to Capital Markets, Investment/Wealth Management and Insurance companies. Founded in 2008 by John Packwood, we have serviced over 60 customers including some of the world’s largest financial institutions. First North is highly specialized in front, middle and back-office operations (including regulatory compliance) and related financial technologies (including data & applications) so that our customers can design, develop and implement more efficient and fully compliant transaction/reporting processes and systems. First North is the primary consulting services partner to SIDE Securities Industry Data Exchange, a production distributed ledger technology platform (SIDEchainTM) that provides a single and highly secure access point for institutional clients, broker dealers and custodians.


Your organization is faced with business transformation drivers that provide an opportunity, or increase the risk in failing to adapt.

Our extensive domain experience can help you leverage these transformation drivers to bring competitive, forward-thinking efficiency to your organization.

Competitive Advantage

Quality of Service

The reasons are simple – we have the most knowledgeable personnel in the industry and have known and worked with them for many years. We ensure service delivery is managed with proper governance in place, whether the oversight is provided by our company’s principals or by the customer’s own management personnel.

Lower Cost

The facts cannot be disputed – we are able to maintain the highest quality of service at a lower cost because of a unique model that includes better resource planning. Return on investment when delivering successful consulting engagements is dependent upon how the skills of our own company and that of our customers are utilized.

Managed Risk

The perception is that larger projects have higher risk and therefore only the largest companies can deliver them. This has proven not to be the case as it depends upon what is actually being delivered and how. Our company has successfully implemented small, medium and larger sized projects. We are not too big to fail and we are not too small to fail, we simply do not fail and there is no better way to manage risk.

Relationship Driven

Even the strongest relationships suffer when service providers fail to deliver or charge unnecessary service fees. We believe that Honesty, Integrity and Transparency are key components to a relationship-driven business. We understand the industry we serve and the people who drive it. It is our commitment to outstanding service levels while ensuring our customers receive a positive return on investment that has allowed us to foster both new and existing customer relationships.