First North has experience servicing many of our industry’s leading company’s, including:


Tactico (Montreal)

Tactico is a venture capital firm that offers a hands-on approach to investing seed capital in startups and entities in transition. Tactico specifically helps First North with advisory for capital investment, assistance with strategic customer engagements and providing market expertise specific to the Province of Quebec. They offer strategic guidance, mentoring, shared services and direct involvement in the venture.

In addition to providing capital, Tactico’s partners offer to assist business stakeholders improve future strategic direction of the company. Depending on the need, Tactico can offer shared resources and access to skilled professionals to create value and drive business growth.

Richard Ness

Richard Ness has over 25 years’ experience building, managing and streamlining businesses in North America and Europe. Rick is renowned for his expertise in creating operational and cost efficiencies as well as significant revenue growth in his various mandates. He is currently engaged in the oversight of several Tactico affiliates. Formerly, Mr. Ness was President of Fidelity Clearing Canada.

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Liam Cheung

Liam Cheung is CEO, CCO and senior portfolio manager at Tactex Asset Management. Dr. Cheung has over 25 years of hands-on expertise in the financial services and technology sectors. He has held senior and executive positions relating to strategy, technology and operations for brokerage and trading businesses throughout North America, Asia and Europe.

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Dog & Pony Studios

Dog and Pony Studios helps leading financial institutions discover their unique voice, integrate cutting-edge marketing technologies and seamlessly augment in-house teams worldwide. Our exclusive marketing and communications partner also directly engages with us in actual customer engagements involving marketing/communications design, development etc.